Password Live

No more forgotten passwords!

Password Live gives you access to unique and very strong passwords for all your Internet needs by using just ONE permanent "keyword" and typing what it is for!

Secret keyword

The secret keyword can be anything you'd like, but it's better to make it harder to guess. This is the only piece of information that you have to keep safe and all your passwords will be based on it.

What for?

This is the name of the service you generate the password for, for example name it facebook, gmail, skype, yahoo, amazon, github or anything else.

Length (8-64)

Upper Case
Lower Case
Special Characters
There are several options to amend the complexity of the passwords, for example you can make it shorter (15 characters by default) or turn off special characters.

Click here to generate your unique password. The result will always be based on the keyword and the 'what for' values that you provide.


The result will be a strong and unique password that you never need to remember!