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Q: I still don't understand how to use it.
A: Just try to do the following:

  1. Type 'secretkey123' into the 'secret keyword' area.
  2. Type 'gmail' into the 'What for?' area.
  3. Press 'Generate Password' and you will see your password for gmail.
  4. Now change 'gmail' to 'amazon' and press 'Generate Password' again. You will see the new password for amazon.
  5. If you change 'amazon' back to 'gmail' again, you will see the very same password you did previously! It means that you only have to remember that one secret keyword to have access to all your passwords.

Q: Do you store any information on the server?
A: Absolutely not! Results are calculated "on the fly" in your browser. Password Live does not store any information.

Q: Is it safe to use?
A: Password Live is based on the Secure Hash Algorithm which makes reverse-engineering your keywords virtually impossible. However, it is obviously advised to use a keyword that is reasonably hard to guess!

Q: Why have you created Password Live?
A: We needed a good password generator and we didn't like the existing ones. If you really want your passwords to be safe, you will not store them permanently anywhere! That is the reason Password Live was created.

Q: Where can I find more information about the algorithm being used?
A: Please check Wikipedia at Password live uses the SHA-256 variant. You can also view the entire algorithm on GitHub.

Q: Is Password Live free?
A: Yes, and forever will be!

Q: There is no Password Live for my mobile!
A: Please note that you can still access the Password Live website directly from a mobile browser. The website is mobile-friendly, so in reality that's all you should need to access your passwords anytime :-)

Q: How to uninstall the desktop version?
A: Just right-click (ctrl-click on the Mac) directly on the application window and select 'Remove this application'.

Q: I've forgotten my keyword!
A: Unfortunately it's absolutely impossible to recover any data.

Q: I'd like to ask something else not mentioned here.
A: Please feel free to open up an issue on the GitHub issue tracker and we will do our best to help you out.